Welcome to Yify Codec Pack 2.0

What`s new in Yify Codec Pack version 2.0?

Best news is that you are free to download or watch movies in HD quality with Yify Codec Pack.

Older version of Yify Codec Pack only worked if you install it on your PC and download Yify movie you want to watch

Now using Yify Codec Pack version 2.0 you dont need to download anything anymore. Yifi Codec Pack version 2.0 is already coded in online player 720p and 1080p, and even 4K quality can be requested if you have really fast internet connection

You just click play and yify codec pack starts movie in HD quality Example here:.

Yify Codec Pack 2.0 works on all platforms

Browser Compatibility

Yify Codec Pack 2.0 has been tested in the following browsers: